May 28, 2010

heart and soul

The Winter Brothers

Members of the Allman Brothers: Duane Allman(r.i.p.), Dickey Betts, Gregg Allman, Jaimo, Berry Oakley, Butch Trucks.

And the Beat Goes On

Or So it Goes

May 11, 2010

neato begeato

Society of the Spiritually Concious

Photo Credit: Yoshi-Sodeoka

The Society of the Spiritually Conscious (SSC):

- abstracted mandalas with western symbols
- bloated devotees
- handmade typography with art nouveau influences
- outdoor ceremonial circle with endless silk mat for self discovery which pours out into the waters of the ocean.
- giant sphere osculating with great speed creating a vortex in the center
- charismatic leader who has you sacrifice your most prized possession to the center of the universe.
- no fears, no hunger. i think we've been drugged.

 photo credit: Narima

Im covered with white salt dust from spending the day farming salt on a tractor. My face is covered with a fine layer of white powder. My hair is undone and wild. My right eye glazed over from damage from the glaring sun on the white surface.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Rus

Take Aways and Leave Behinds

Keep Me Forever - from Ashleigh Barron

Ivan Khmelevsky
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Tangent Graphic
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A1 poster packaged as a vinyl record

you cant take it with you

The forgotton wizard

1894. Mark Twain is in the foreground and you can see Tesla in the background.
Image Credit: Public Domain