May 11, 2010

Society of the Spiritually Concious

Photo Credit: Yoshi-Sodeoka

The Society of the Spiritually Conscious (SSC):

- abstracted mandalas with western symbols
- bloated devotees
- handmade typography with art nouveau influences
- outdoor ceremonial circle with endless silk mat for self discovery which pours out into the waters of the ocean.
- giant sphere osculating with great speed creating a vortex in the center
- charismatic leader who has you sacrifice your most prized possession to the center of the universe.
- no fears, no hunger. i think we've been drugged.

 photo credit: Narima

Im covered with white salt dust from spending the day farming salt on a tractor. My face is covered with a fine layer of white powder. My hair is undone and wild. My right eye glazed over from damage from the glaring sun on the white surface.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Rus

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