Mar 11, 2016

Were moving our Letterpress Studio!

We have rented a space in historic Boulder Creek, CA a cute little community in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The goal is to have a space closer to home to work out of as an office and workshop space. Since it has a frontage with foot traffic theres an opportunity to also have a little retail space. We also are collaborating with a friend and coworker who lives here in the Boulder Creek area as a remote office which means there will be people to collaborate with in the space. I find this exciting because I tend to work better in a collaborative setting and it can get lonely in the studio sometimes.

The space is 450sf and had been occupied by the previous tenant, a jewelry shop called The Blind Pilot, for over 30 years. When we fist saw the place it was filled with fixtures made of old wood and glass. It was dark and smelled of incense. At first I thought maybe I could use these and just build off of what was there. But they wanted us to buy the wood fixtures... which were old and funky.. and I soon realized that we were going to need to probably rearrange the space and start over.

So the first step was demoing the space: 

Checkout this old fuse box circa 1880s
Ray and Ed surveying the project

As we pulled off the carpeting and wall coverings there were a few surprises we weren't prepared for. 

One was that the floors were toast:
And we also found out that there was a nice redwood ceiling above the lowered ceiling tiles. So we decided to open up the vertical space and show off the original architecture.

Stay tuned for more updates!!