Jun 16, 2011

The Jealous Designer

I look at a many things and keep an insatiable design appetite for well considered works. Motion graphics, print, branding, typography, you name it.

Jealousy.  It begins in the reservoir of my soul and wells up till its in the back of my throat like taunting nausea. Not for love nor for the conventional materialistic kind.... but pure envy. Envy that wells up from the least likly of sources. I have had this uncontrollable urge to consume visual content and especially feed my addiction for design. The only problem is that this over exposure of visual nourishment results in a form of dissatisfaction in my own work. Perhaps this is what keeps me going and motivated to grow. But I feel like its a race to nowhere and that these hopeless emotions will devour me. Thats when I have to shut it off. Recharge. Because the fear of failure is always on my back and If  I let it...it will swallow me whole.